Just do it!

Hi, I'm Katelyn, I'm 15, and this is my thinspo/weight loss/progress blog! You're probably thinking "Huh? She doesn't need to worry about her weight yet!" but I like to think of it as the start to a happy and healthy lifestyle c: I hope this blog inspires others and myself on their weight loss journey! Here's my main blog (:
SW: 121.5
CW: 119
HW: 135
LW: 111
GW: 100-110
UGW: bikini body!


It’s awesome to see myself on my dashboard. Not so awesome when it’s because someone took my picture and didn’t give credit. Please give me credit for my pictures!

love that suit!!

Papaya boats and an extra banana for lunch. I’m excited for this believe it or not. :) #papaya #fruit #lunch #intake #rawvegan #vegan #cleaneating #healthy #food




This is my favorite butt exercise. It looks easy, but do 50 of them and you’ll change your mind. ;) I think it might even be more effective than squats.

my fave

This move is a MUST.

I love this. I always do this after I’ve finished the mighty squat challenge & the gangnam style squat challenge!



same. :)


60 lbs down
This is pretty significant to me because the last time I was this small was in high school (I am now 27 years old) and at the time I had unhealthy eating habits meaning I didn’t eat. This transformation has taken nearly a year and a half of hard work, perseverance, healthy habits, and positivity. I used this top for my photos because it was my favorite one when I noticed I was starting to get a little “chunky.” It hid my gut, but one day I could barely get it over my hips. I knew I had let myself get out of control and I needed to do something about it. Thanks to the help of the community here on Tumblr, as well as my local YMCA, I no longer have much of a gut to hide! Forget the diets, forget the “quick fixes” - just be healthy and active and enjoy life!